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When Twilight was published a few years ago, Stephenie Meyer was a housewife and mother living on the outskirts of Phoenix; now she is a New York Times bestselling author. She is still married, and has three sons. As a committed Mormon who attended Brigham Young University, she lives a conservative lifestyle. Meyer does not smoke or drink alcohol, and her worst vice is an occasional diet Pepsi. While her life might seem calm, her writing is passionate, and the history of Twilight striking. The central idea for the novel came to Meyer in a dream (found in chapter 13 of the novel as written), and she wrote the first draft of the book in just three months. Her descriptions of Forks come from the time she has spent in the region; her family rents a house there, to escape the heat of Phoenix. Other aspects of her fiction are drawn from her life as well. For example, Meyer is pale, like Bella, and had planned the name Isabella for any potential daughters she had.