Stephen R. Donaldson

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Principal Works

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*The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever (novel) 1977

The Man Who Killed His Brother (novel) 1980

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever (novel) 1980-83

Gilden-Fire (novel) 1982

Daughter of Regals and Other Tales (short stories) 1984

The Man Who Risked His Partner (novel) 1984

§Mordant's Need (novel) 1986-87

The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story (novel) 1990

The Man Who Tried to Get Away (novel) 1990

The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge (novel) 1991

The Gap into Power: A Dark and Hungry God Arises (novel) 1992

Strange Dreams: Unforgettable Fantasy Stories [editor] (short stories) 1993

The Gap into Madness: Chaos and Order (novel) 1994

The Gap into Ruin: This Day All Gods Die (novel) 1996

Reave the Just and Other Tales (short stories) 1998

*Published simultaneously; three volumes comprise this work: Volume I: Lord Foul's Bane, Volume II: The Illearth War, and Volume III: The Power That Preserves.

†These works were published under the pseudonym Reed Stephens.

‡This trilogy consists of three volumes; published separately: Volume I: The Wounded Land (1980), Volume II: The One Tree (1982), and Volume III: White Gold Wielder (1983).

§Published as two separate volumes: Volume I: The Mirror of Her Dreams (1986) and Volume II: A Man Rides Through (1987).

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