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How does the tone of "My Financial Career" contrast with "The Work of One Day Is Gazed Upon by One Thousand Eyes"?

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The tone of Leacocok's humorous autobiographical work is light, self-doubting, ironical and humorous. The tone of Wong's introspective autobiographical work is serious, reflective and respectful of experience.

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Can you help with contrasting the tones of My Financial Career and "The Work of One Day Is Gazed Upon for One Thousand Days," which both deal with a similar subject matter of finance and business, and help me with quotes, please?

The tone in leacock's "My Financial Career" is ironically self-depricating. It is a good humored look at a fallible self.

The tone in Wong's "The Work of One Day" is sober and humble as two cultures are juxtaposed and success in one is reflected against life in the other.

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