Stephen February Spender Reviews Of Spender's Recent Works - Essay

Reviews Of Spender's Recent Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Edward Timms (review date 17 March 1988)

SOURCE: "Wonderland," in London Review of Books, March 17, 1988, pp. 8-9.

[Timms is an English educator and critic. In the following review, he discusses Spender's novel The Temple, and suggests that there exists a "dialectic between cultural decorum and artistic innovation."]

'Mayn't your politics simply be the result of sexual maladjustment?' This question, unobtrusively formulated in Stephen Spender's Forward from Liberalism (1937), lurks as a sub-text in some of the most significant writings of his generation. For authors like Auden, Isherwood and Spender, the struggle for sexual...

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