Stephen February Spender Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Nine Experiments: Being Poems Written at the Age of Eighteen (poems) 1928
Twenty Poems (poems) 1930
Poems (poems) 1933; revised and enlarged edition, 1934
Vienna (poem) 1934
The Destructive Element: A Study of Modern Writers and Beliefs (criticism) 1935
The Burning Cactus (short stories) 1936
Forward from Liberalism (nonfiction) 1937
Trial of a Judge: A Tragedy in Five Acts (play) 1938
The Still Centre (poems) 1939
The Backward Son (novel) 1940
Selected Poems (poems) 1940
Life and the Poet (criticism) 1942
Ruins and Visions: Poems, 1934–1942 (poems) 1942
European Witness (nonfiction) 1946
Poems of Dedication (poems) 1947
The Edge of Being (poems) 1949
World Within World: The Autobiography of Stephen Spender (autobiography) 1951
Learning Laughter (nonfiction) 1952
The Creative Element: A Study of Vision, Despair, and Orthodoxy among Some Modern Writers (criticism) 1953
Collected Poems, 1928–1953 (poems) 1955, also published as Collected Poems, 1928–1985 [revised and enlarged edition], 1985
The Making of a Poem (criticism) 1955
Engaged in Writing, and The Fool and the Princess (sketches) 1958
The Imagination in the Modern World: Three Lectures (lectures) 1962
The Struggle of the Modern (lectures) 1963
Chaos and Control in Poetry (criticism) 1966
The Generous Days: Ten Poems (poems) 1969; enlarged edition, 1971
The Year of the Young Rebels (nonfiction) 1969
Love-Hate Relations: A Study of Anglo-American Sensibilities (nonfiction) 1974
Eliot (criticism) 1975, also published as T. S. Eliot, 1976
The Thirties and After: Poetry, Politics, People, 1933–1970 (nonfiction) 1978
Henry Moore: Sculptures in Landscape (nonfiction) 1979
Letters to Christopher: Stephen Spender's Letters to Christopher Isherwood, 1929–1939, with "The Line of the Branch"—Two Thirties Journals (letters and journals) 1980
Journals, 1939–1983 (journals) 1985
In Irina's Garden with Henry Moore's Sculpture (nonfiction) 1986
The Temple (novel) 1988
Dolphins (poems) 1994

∗The original draft of this novel was written during a period from 1929 to 1931. Spender revised it before publication.