Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)
0111201670-Stendhal.jpg Stendhal (Library of Congress) Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Stendhal also wrote short fiction, divided by later editors into two groups: his nouvelles written between 1829 and 1831, and the short stories Chroniques italiennes (1839, 1855; The Abbess of Castro, and Other Tales, 1926). Stendhal’s nonfiction works include musical history and criticism, as in Vies de Haydn, de Mozart, et de Métastase (1815; The Lives of Haydn and Mozart, with Observations on Métastase, 1817), Vie de Rossini (1823; Memoirs of Rossini, 1824; also as Life of Rossini, 1956), and Notes d’un dilettante (1824-1827); art history and criticism, as in Histoire de la peinture en Italie (1817) and five subsequent volumes of art appreciation; travel diaries, including Rome, Naples, et Florence en 1817 (1817, 1826; Rome, Naples, and Florence, in 1817, 1818), Promenades dans Rome (1829; A Roman Journal, 1957), Mémoires d’un touriste (1838; Memoirs of a Tourist, 1962), and Voyage dans le midi de la France (1838; Travels in the South of France, 1971); literary theory, including Racine et Shakespeare (part 1, 1823; part 2, 1825; Racine and Shakespeare, 1962); psychological theory, including De l’amour (1822; Maxims of Love, 1906); and autobiography and biography, including Souvenirs d’égotisme (1892; Memoirs of an Egotist, 1949), Vie de Henry Brulard (1890; The Life of Henry Brulard, 1925). In addition, Stendhal’s works of journalism (written between 1822 and 1830), his Journal (1888), and his Correspondance (1933-1934) occupy some six or seven thousand pages.