Why was Leo's comment hurtful to Stargirl?

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Leo's comment was hurtful to Stargirl because he said it in a way that sounded nasty and insulting.

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There are several times that Leo says things to Stargirl that are a bit hurtful, but I believe that this question is asking about a comment that Leo made to Stargirl in chapter 22. This is the chapter that sees Leo at Stargirl's house for dinner. Leo is surprised at how normal the house is and how normal Stargirl's parents are. Leo also gets a tour of Stargirl's bedroom, and this is the chapter that has her explaining the pebbles that she transfers depending on her happiness level.

After everybody eats together, Stargirl and Leo head outside. Stargirl brings her camera and begins taking pictures of the young neighbor boy Peter Sinkowitz. Stargirl explains that she is creating a biography or sorts. She takes candid pictures of Peter with the intention of giving his family the pictures when Peter is old enough to appreciate the gesture. Leo is amazed at the idea and stares incredulously at Stargirl. Stargirl is taken aback by Leo's look, and asks what his look is about. Leo responds by asking Stargirl if she is running for saint. Stargirl immediately takes on a hurt look, and Leo apologizes and states that he didn't mean to sound nasty. Leo's comment was hurtful because his tone sounded nasty and/or insulting. Leo quickly explains that he meant to sound amazed at how Stargirl spent her entire Saturday focused on the lives of other people:

Look at you. It’s Saturday. I’ve been with you all day, and you’ve spent the whole day doing stuff for other people. Or paying attention to other people. Or following other people. Or taking pictures of other people.

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