Why did kids in "Stargirl" start to color their hair purple and paint their nails green?

Expert Answers

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Kids start coloring their hair purple and coloring their fingernails and toenails green as a way to express their individuality. The kids across the school begin doing this because they have been inspired by Stargirl and her individuality and actions. When Stargirl first arrived, she was viewed as a crazy person. Some students believed that she acted the way she did in order to attract attention to herself; however, they eventually realized that Stargirl acted the way she did because that was just her. Stargirl's confidence in herself and love toward everybody began catching on among the students in the school. Chapter 9 has students awaking like "mud frogs" in the rain. They begin exploring their individuality and encouraging pretty much anybody and everybody else in anything and everything that happens.

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