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What three questions did Kevin ask Stargirl in the Hot Seat episode?

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  • Kevin asks Stargirl if she doesn't think that her name is unusual. "Not to me" is her reply. Stargirl's name, like everything about her, is unusual, but not to herself. She's a true individual who does things her own way, whatever anyone else might think about her.
  • Stargirl goes on to list other strange names she's used in the past, such as Pocket Mouse, Mudpie, and Hullygully. It's then that Kevin asks her another question. This time he asks her if she changes her name every time she gets tired of it. Stargirl replies by saying that she changes her name if it doesn't fit anymore. Her name is like something she wears, like a shirt. And when it gets worn, she outgrows and changes it.
  • Finally, Kevin asks Stargirl if her parents weren't sad that she didn't keep her original name, which is Susan. Stargirl responds by saying no, because it was almost their idea. When she started calling herself Pocket Mouse when she was little, they called her that too. From that moment on, they never went back.

What this final exchange between Kevin and Stargirl shows us is that Stargirl has the support of her parents and has a stable, loving home life which allows her to be her own unique self.

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