In Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, what did Leo see Stargirl place in a mailbox?

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In Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, Leo observes Stargirl placing an envelope in someone's mailbox. When Stargirl is out of sight, Leo opens the mailbox and finds a card inside. It is homemade, and it says "Congratulations" on it. The card is not signed. Leo later finds out that Stargirl reads the announcements in the newspapers and on bulletin boards to find out what is going on with people. If someone has a baby or gets a promotion, she might put a congratulatory card in the person's mailbox. She might leave a potted plant or sometimes a plastic one, on a porch if someone is going through a difficult time. Stargirl likes to cheer people up anonymously. She even eventually gets Leo to help her on these errands. Leo finds in her a pure soul--someone who is really good, and he does not want her to get hurt.

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