Stargirl Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 Summary

Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 Summary

Chapter 8

Things inexplicably begin to change around Thanksgiving. By the beginning of December, Stargirl is the most popular person at Mica High, though no one is quite sure why.

Cheerleading might be the reason. Stargirl only cheers for the last home football game of the season. The crowds are huge and Stargirl does not disappoint—she never stops cheering. She cheers in front of the home crowd, the concession stands, the other team’s cheerleaders, and the team. At halftime she plays her ukulele with the band, then promptly shimmies up the goalposts and is then chased off the field. No one cares that they lost the game.

Hillari Kimble might be the reason. Shortly after the...

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