Stargirl Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Summary
by Jerry Spinelli

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Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 4

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Three things set Hillari apart from her peers: her mouth, The Hoax, and her boyfriend, Wayne Parr. With her mouth she is constantly complaining. The Hoax is a highlight in Mica High history. Hillari tried out for and easily made the cheerleader squad—only to turn it down. She said she hates sports and did not want to flail around and scream in front of empty bleachers anyway.

Wayne Parr is an unlikely match for Hillari; where she is loud, he is silent. He is probably best described as empty. Although he is gorgeous by anyone’s standards, he is a nobody. He is not in sports, is not particularly academic, belongs to no clubs, and receives no recognition. Yet he serves as “grand marshal” of their “daily parade.”

None of the students consciously follow his lead, but if Wayne does not go to a game, neither do they. If Wayne does not ask questions in class, neither do they. When Leo wanted Wayne Parr to be on Hot Seat in tenth grade, Kevin was shocked. Wayne Parr had never really done anything, but Leo insisted that was the point. The most surprising moment of the show was when Kevin asked Wayne about his hero. The answer: GQ, the magazine. Wayne Parr wants to be a model.

That was the end of Leo’s sophomore year, and he had no idea then that anyone could supplant Wayne Parr as grand marshal of the MAHS parade.

Chapter 5

Kevin calls Leo from the football game one Friday night (Kevin is one of the few who attends) and tells him he has got to come see the spectacle, which he does. The nonmarching band is on the field (only fourteen participants), and the fans in the stands barely outnumber the band. Kevin grabs Leo and drags him to a better vantage point so Leo can finally see what is causing Kevin’s excitement. Out on the field, weaving between the goalposts, barefoot and in a long yellow dress, is Stargirl. She dances, she marches, she leaps, she spins, and she jumps. The crowd is speechless.

The band leaves the field, the players come out and do a few calisthenics (which Stargirl does, too), and they line up for the second-half kickoff. The officials wave and blow their whistles to get the girl in the yellow dress off the field; instead, Stargirl runs to the football perched on its tee and hugs it to her chest. Her dance continues as she spins and leaps and jumps. The players look to their coaches in confusion, and the referees converge on her as the lone law enforcement agent present at the game enters the fray. Stargirl quickly punts the ball and runs off the field.

The crowd erupts. They whistle and stomp and cheer. The cheerleaders are surprised to see and hear a reaction from their normally apathetic crowd, and they are inspired to perform cartwheels and backflips and build a three-tier pyramid. The oldest people in the crowd say they...

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