Stargirl Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Summary

Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 4

Three things set Hillari apart from her peers: her mouth, The Hoax, and her boyfriend, Wayne Parr. With her mouth she is constantly complaining. The Hoax is a highlight in Mica High history. Hillari tried out for and easily made the cheerleader squad—only to turn it down. She said she hates sports and did not want to flail around and scream in front of empty bleachers anyway.

Wayne Parr is an unlikely match for Hillari; where she is loud, he is silent. He is probably best described as empty. Although he is gorgeous by anyone’s standards, he is a nobody. He is not in sports, is not particularly academic, belongs to no clubs, and receives no recognition. Yet he serves as...

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