Stargirl Chapter 26 and Chapter 27 Summary

Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 26 and Chapter 27 Summary

Chapter 26

In the cafeteria, Dori Dilson is at her usual table, but Stargirl is nowhere to be found. She is not in the courtyard or in the hallways, either. As Leo walks out of the cafeteria, he hears her voice, but when he turns it does not appear to be her. This girl is wearing sandals and jeans, red lipstick and fingernails, and lots of jewelry. It takes Leo a few moments to realize this girl is, indeed, Stargirl. When he whispers her name, she bats her eyes at him and remarks that Stargirl is such a ridiculous name. She says her name is Susan:

And just like that, Stargirl was gone, replaced by Susan. Susan Julia Caraway. The girl she might have been all along.


(The entire section is 900 words.)