Stargirl Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 Summary

Jerry Spinelli

Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 Summary

Chapter 16

Monday at lunch, Leo stays seated when he sees Stargirl approaching his table, though Kevin’s eyes widen in disbelief. It seems to Leo as if the entire universe is standing still for this moment. She says, “You’re welcome,” then she stands waiting for a response. Leo turns with some trepidation, for he knows this is a moment that will change everything for him. He looks into her eyes and thanks her for the card. Stargirl beams her brightest smile and walks away. Kevin concludes that Stargirl is in love; Leo, of course, denies it.

The rest of the day is difficult for Leo; he feels as if he has been hit—hard. After school he makes his way to Stargirl’s homeroom, not...

(The entire section is 713 words.)