Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

János Bélyi

János Bélyi, a priest. He arrives, as a young man, in Glogova. His prospects for a pleasant life in the forlorn village are extremely remote until he comes into possession of a red umbrella, the miraculous powers of which change his fortunes from bad to good.

Veronica Bélyi

Veronica Bélyi, János Bélyi’s sister, who is left, as an infant, on her brother’s doorstep. When János returns from a walk in the rain, he finds her protected by a mysterious red umbrella that the townspeople decide is a gift from St. Peter. As a young woman, she falls in love with and marries Gyury Wibra, the heir of the red umbrella’s real owner.

Pál Gregorics

Pál Gregorics, a wealthy bachelor, the father of Gyury Wibra and original owner of the red umbrella. He is reputed to have carried secret documents in its handle. On his death, the umbrella is sold. It disappears until his son traces it to the home of János Bélyi.

Gyury (György) Wibra

Gyury (György) Wibra, Gregorics’ illegitimate son. Embarrassed during his father’s life by the red umbrella, he hears rumors after Gregorics’ death that the umbrella is a repository of valuable documents. He sets out to find the umbrella and traces it to the home of János Bélyi, where he finally comes into possession not only of the treasured relic but of Veronica Bélyi as well.

Jónás Müncz

Jónás Müncz, a Jewish merchant who buys the red umbrella after Gregorics’ death and is seen placing it over the infant, Veronica Bélyi.

Frau Müncz

Frau Müncz, Jónás Müncz’s wife.

Anna Wibra

Anna Wibra, Gregorics’ housekeeper and mistress. She is the mother of Gyury Wibra.

The Widow Adamecz

The Widow Adamecz, János Bélyi’s housekeeper.

János Sztolarik

János Sztolarik, Gregorics’ lawyer.