St. Anselm of Canterbury Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Bäck, Allan. “Anselm on Perfect Islands.” Franciscan Studies 43 (1983): 188-204.

Schematizes Anselm's counterargument to Gaunilo regarding that critic's objection to his lost, perfect island line of reasoning originally laid out in the Proslogion.

Bestul, Thomas H. “St. Anselm, the Monastic Community at Canterbury, and Devotional Writing in Late Anglo-Saxon England.” Anselm Studies: An Occasional Journal 1 (1983): 186-98.

Reviews the manuscript tradition of Anselm's collected prayers and meditations Orationes sive meditationes.

Bourke, Vernon J. “A Millennium of Christian...

(The entire section is 574 words.)