Sri Aurobindo Ghose

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Principal Works

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Songs to Myrtilla (poetry) 1895

Urvasie (poetry) 1896

Perseus the Deliverer [first publication] (drama) 1907

Ahana, and Other Poems (poetry) 1915

The Ideal of Human Unity (nonfiction) 1919

The Ideal of the Karmayogin (nonfiction) 1919

Ideals and Progress (philosophy) 1920

The Renaissance in India (nonfiction) 1920

War and Self-Determination (nonfiction) 1920

The Brain of India (nonfiction) 1921

Love and Death (poetry) 1921

A System of National Education (nonfiction) 1921

The Yoga and Its Objects (nonfiction) 1921

Baji Prabhou (poetry) 1922

The National Value of Art (nonfiction) 1922

The Mother (letters) 1928

The Riddle of This World (nonfiction and letters) 1933

Lights on Yoga (letters) 1935

Bases of Yoga (letters) 1936

Sri Aurobindo: A Life (autobiography) 1937

The Life Divine. 2 vols. (philosophy) 1939-40

Heraclitus (philosophy) 1941

Poems, Views, and Reviews (poetry, essays, and criticism) 1941

Collective Poems and Plays (poetry and dramas) 1942

Poems: Past and Present (poetry) 1946

Letters of Sri Aurobindo, first series (letters) 1947

More Lights on Yoga (letters) 1948

*The Human Cycle (philosophy and history) 1949

Letters of Sri Aurobindo, second series (letters) 1949

Letters of Sri Aurobindo, third series (letters) 1949

Essays on the Gita (essays) 1950

Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol. 2 vols. (poetry) 1950-51

Letters of Sri Aurobindo, fourth series (letters) 1951

Letters of Sri Aurobindo on The Mother (letters) 1951

Last Poems (poetry) 1952

Life-Literature-Yoga: New Letters with Questions (letters) 1952

The Problem of Rebirth (philosophy) 1952

The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth (philosophy) 1952

The Foundations of Indian Culture (essays) 1953

The Future Poetry (criticism) 1953

The Mind of Light (philosophy) 1953

Sri Aurobindo on Himself and on The Mother (letters) 1953

Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo (letters) 1954

On Yoga I: The Synthesis of Yoga (nonfiction) 1955

Bhavani Mandir (nonfiction) 1956

†On the Veda (essays and songs) 1956

Illion: An Epic in Quantitative Hexametres (poetry) 1957

On Yoga II (letters) 1958

Thoughts and Aphorisms (philosophy) 1958

The Hour of God (nonfiction) 1959

Thoughts and Glimpses (philosophy) 1964

Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library. 30 vols. (essays, speeches, short stories, poetry, dramas, criticism, letters, autobiography, philosophy, history, notebook entries, and songs) 1970-72

*This work was originally published as The Psychology of Social Development in the journal Arya, August 1916 to July 1918.

†This work includes The Secret of the Veda, which was originally published in the journal Arya, August 1914 to July 1916, and translations of selected hymns from ancient Hindu scriptures.

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