(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Roy Glenister

Roy Glenister, a co-owner of the Midas gold mine. He fights heroically using law and fists to defend himself and his property in the wild Yukon gold country. He falls in love with Helen Chester, until he finds her apparently in league with crooks to cheat the miners of their claims. He is finally convinced of her innocence.

Bill Dextry

Bill Dextry, a co-owner of the Midas gold mine. He is an old frontiersman who likes living beyond the edge of civilization. When law and order arrive in the gold fields, he announces that he is selling his part of the mine and leaving.

Helen Chester

Helen Chester, an American who unwittingly helps a crooked politician in his attempt to steal the miners’ claims. With Glenister and Dextry’s help, she stows away aboard a ship bound for Alaska. She falls in love with Glenister, finally convinces him of her innocence of wrongdoing, and offers to stay with him in Alaska.

Cherry Malotte

Cherry Malotte, a notorious woman of Nome. She loves Glenister and tries to help him by telling him of the activities of McNamara, Judge Stillman, and Helen.

Mr. McNamara

Mr. McNamara, a crooked politician. In league with Judge Stillman, he tries to steal the miners’ gold claims. He is defeated in his efforts by Glenister, who leads the miners in their fight for justice. He is beaten by Glenister in one of the most famous fistfights in American literature.

Judge Stillman

Judge Stillman, Helen’s uncle and the first federal judge in Alaska. He helps McNamara in the latter’s attempts to steal the mining claims.

Mr. Struve

Mr. Struve, a crooked lawyer who aids McNamara and Judge Stillman in their plots against Glenister and the other miners.

The Broncho Kid

The Broncho Kid, Helen’s long-lost brother, a gambler. When Struve attacks Helen because of her knowledge of his dishonest dealings, the Broncho Kid appears and rescues her after shooting Struve.