(Critical Survey of Literature, Revised Edition)

Trouble began for Glenister and Dextry, the owners of the Midas mine, the moment they started from Seattle back to the frozen North. First of all, a young woman, Helen Chester, enlisted their aid in stowing away aboard their ship. Then Roy Glenister fell in love with her. After they were aboard, Dextry told Glenister that the government was sending a court to institute law and order in the gold country and warned him that they would have to be careful lest they lose their claim to the Midas mine.

In Nome, Helen delivered a packet of documents to the law firm of Struve and Dunham and then went with the two partners up to the Midas mine. There was no place else for her to go for the time being.

Two weeks later her uncle, Judge Stillman, arrived in Nome with a politician named McNamara. Stillman had been appointed the first Federal judge in Nome, Alaska. Trouble soon brewed for the owners of the mines on Anvil Creek, including Glenister and Dextry. Their claims were relocated, and possession of the mines was given to McNamara as a receiver appointed by the court until the claims could legally be cleared. Convinced that the receivership was dishonest, Glenister and Dextry robbed their mine of ten thousand dollars in gold with which to send their attorney to San Francisco. By the time the attorney had made the trip and returned, all the mine owners on Anvil Creek realized that there was collusion between Judge Stillman and McNamara. When the attorney tried to serve an injunction which would force the judge to return the mines to the owners, Stillman refused to recognize the writ from the San Francisco court. Glenister and Dextry immediately smuggled their attorney aboard a ship bound for San Francisco, with a request that United States marshals be sent to Nome to serve the writ and arrest Stillman for contempt of court.

Meanwhile, Glenister and Dextry spied on McNamara and discovered the part Helen Chester had played in bringing in the documents which had made possible the theft of the mines by McNamara. Cherry Malotte also told Glenister that Helen had informed McNamara of the money Glenister and Dextry had at their camp. The last straw for Glenister was the announcement that McNamara and Helen were to be married.

Deciding to repossess their mines by violence, the owners on Anvil Creek formed a vigilante committee with the intention of lynching McNamara and tarring and feathering the judge.

After spreading the word that troops were going to guard the mines, McNamara laid a trap for the vigilantes at his office in Nome. He thought that the mine owners, not daring to attack the troops, would attack his own office. To his surprise, the owners...

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