Spock’s World

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Only once before have STAR TREK fans been given a glimpse of Mr. Spock’s home world, and that was when he and his shipmates aboard the Enterprise returned for his bonding with the female Vulcan, T’Pring. In SPOCK’S WORLD, Diane Duane takes the reader there again to see what has happened in the years since Spock and Captain Kirk fought each other almost to the death. Anti-Federation sentiment has grown considerably stronger, and now a coalition demands that the ever-logical Vulcans vote to decide whether they will remain a part of the interplanetary Federation. T’Pring leads a faction in a covert attempt to punish Earth and the other Federation member planets for the humiliation that she suffered when Spock rejected his bonding with her. Thus, on one level, SPOCK’S WORLD is the simple story of a spurned woman’s need for retribution.

Yet, for STAR TREK fans, this novel will offer something special since it provides extensive background about the planet Vulcan and its inhabitants. Interspersed in the unfolding story of Spock, Kirk, Bones, and Sarek’s fight to convince the Vulcans to remain a part of the Federation are chapters describing the formation, prehistory, and development of what came to be the Vulcan world and its people. Of particular interest will be the material that explains the complex psyche of a person such as Mr. Spock.

Unlike many novels dealing with the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and its crew, SPOCK’S WORLD offers little action in the form of battles, high-tech descriptions of spacecraft or other machines, or suspenseful encounters with grotesque and menacing alien life-forms. Instead, it concentrates on introducing readers to the Vulcan way of life; as such, this novel may give readers a deepened understanding of one of their favorite characters, Mr. Spock. By doing so, it offers readers a refreshing change from shoot-’em-up space chases.