The Spirit of St. Louis Critical Context - Essay

Charles A. Lindbergh

Critical Context

The Spirit of St. Louis remains the most consulted work dealing with the Lindbergh flight of 1927 ever written. Because it is a firsthand account written by the pilot himself, the book is unlikely to be surpassed. When it first appeared in 1953, the work was an instant best-seller, and it has remained a favorite of readers of all ages. Well written and exciting, Lindbergh’s book eschews sentimentality, cliche, and platitudes. He lets the reader feel a part of the drama, an approach that makes The Spirit of St. Louis a difficult book to put down.

Lindbergh’s account is both a personal memoir and a historical record documenting one of the rare events that truly transformed the world. While other worthy books about Lindbergh’s journey have been written, it is fortunate that young adults can experience this gripping tale in an autobiographical work.