Speak Test

by McKinstry Rose

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade Levels

Grade 9


Speak Test

Section 1: Identification—use the name bank below to match the character with his/her description or action. Each name may be used once, more than once, or not at all. (1 point each)

Melinda, Melinda’s Mom, Melinda’s Dad, Heather, Rachel, Greta-Ingrid, David, Andy, Mr. Neck, Hairwoman, Ivy, Mr. Freeman, Nicole

  • ______________________ = prejudges Melinda from Day 1 and looks for her to be in trouble
  • ______________________ = parent who seems to understand Melinda the best
  • ______________________ = Melinda’s former athletic friend who plays her in tennis
  • ______________________ = Rachel’s new “friend” since she doesn’t hang around Melinda anymore
  • ______________________ = IT
  • ______________________ = Melinda’s lab partner
  • ______________________ = works at a department store downtown
  • ______________________ = changes rules or requirements for his/her students in the middle of a project
  • ______________________ = teacher who is mad at the School Board
  • _____________________ = former friend who seems the nicest to Melinda; helps her in art class
  • _____________________ = gives Melinda a valentine card
  • _____________________ = teacher who improves physically closer to the book’s end
  • _____________________ = introduces Melinda to Picasso
  •  _____________________ = is a member of the Marthas
  • _____________________ = senior

Section 2: True or False—write true if the statement is true; write false if it’s false. For a point of extra credit, correct the false statements. (1 point each)

  • ___________ = At first Melinda is really glad that she drew a tree out of the globe for her art project.
  • ___________ = Merriweather changes its mascot more than two times in the book.
  • ___________ = The girls at the pep rally knee Melinda in the back because she hangs around Heather.
  • ___________ = Melinda does not like any of the presents that her parents give her for Christmas
  • ___________ = Melinda faints when she tries to dissect a frog because the helpless frog reminds her of herself when she was raped.
  • ___________ = Melinda goes to the hospital and the police station when she skips school.
  • ___________ = Melinda is not able to get an A in any of her classes all year.
  • ___________ = The PTA tries to get rid of the wombat as the school
  • ___________ = Melinda’s graffiti in the bathroom is not effective.
  • ___________ = Rachel and Andy had such a good time at the prom that Andy is going to stay in town for college so that he can be near Rachel.

Section 3: Complete sentences—please write your answers in complete sentences. (3 points each)

  • How is Melinda’s family dysfunctional and would she have coped better if her family were “normal”? Why or why not?
  • Name two images that really stand out to you from the book. Why did they hold your attention?
  • Do you think teenagers should read this book? Why or why not? At what age level do you think it’s appropriate? Why?
  • Why does the author keep changing the school mascot? Is it tied to Melinda’s problems in any way?
  • How does David Petrakis stand for the First Amendment and freedom of speech show Melinda’s problem? How is Mr. Neck’s handling of his class similar to Melinda’s rape?

Section 4: Visual—in the first box below, draw a tree that represents Melinda during her first quarter of high school. In the second box, draw a tree that represents her at the end of the book. Use color and be sure to explain on the lines below the boxes the connection of the tree to the book and Melinda. (20 points)


Test for Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak.