Speak Novel Test

by Ginger Harbin

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade Levels

Grade 9


  • Where is Speak set? a. Syracuse, New York b. Boston, Massachusetts c. Los Angeles, California d. Miami, Florida
  • Why don’t Melinda’s friends from 8th­grade like her when 9th­grade begins? a. They think Melinda is acting weird. b. They think Melinda is a slut for having sex with a boy at a party. c. They are mad at her for ruining a party by calling the cops. d. Melinda is a “nerd” and studies too much to have any friends.
  • Who is her only friend when 9th grade begins? a. Andy Evans b. The Marthas c. Heather from Ohio d. Rachel/Rachelle
  • Which teacher is a racist who has it out for Melinda? a. Mr. Neck b. Hairwoman c. Mr. Freeman d. Principal Principal
  • Which of the following are NOT mascots of Melinda’s school? a. Trojans b. Wombats c. Hornets d. Knights
  • Why is Ivy’s name significant? a. She’s irritating like poison ivy b. She spreads herself among “tribes” like ivy vines spread freely c. It’s not significant. Not everything is symbolic. d. None of the above
  • What project does she choose from the globe in her art class? a. Seeds b. Trees c. Clowns d. Turkeys
  • What does Melinda use to cover the mirror in the janitor’s closet? a. A black cloth she found in the closet b. Her artwork c. Decorations made by the Marthas d. A poster of Maya Angelou
  • Which sports is Melinda good at? a. Tennis and basketball b. Basketball and soccer c. Lacrosse and ultimate frisbee d. Track and lacrosse
  • Why is Melinda passing art even when she is failing her other classes? a. Art is her only way of communicating b. It’s the only class she isn’t skipping c. Melinda is reflected in the trees she draws d. All of the above e. None of the above
  • The line “A fat white seed sleeps in the sky” is an example of which literary device? a. Metaphor b. Simile c. Foreshadowing d. Allusion
  • What artist inspires Melinda in her art class? a. Maya Angelou b. Pablo Picasso c. Salvador Dali d. Laurie Halse Anderson
  • What happened at the party before school began? a. Melinda got drunk and kissed a boy b. Melinda was raped by Andy Evans c. Someone slapped Melinda for calling the cops. d. All of the above.
  • What does Melinda write her report about for Mr. Neck’s class? a. Depression b. Trees c. Suffragettes d. Suffering
  • Why does David Petrakis tell Melinda that Mr. Neck is right for not accepting her class presentation? a. David is afraid Mr. Neck will fail him if he sides with Melinda. b. The topic of Melinda’s report were successful because they spoke. c. The paragraph she put on the board was poorly written. d. Melinda didn’t write about the topic Mr. Neck assigned.
  • Why is Melinda happy when she sees the graffiti in the girls’ bathroom? a. The pictures on the wall inspire her to make something beautiful in her art class b. She hates her school and enjoys seeing people vandalize it c. She started a thread warning girls about Andy and other girls respond in agreement. d. Rachel/Rachelle leaves her a note about wanting to be friends again.


Attached is a comprehensive exam over the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The questions are multiple choice and there is an essay portion at the end where a poem is compared to Melinda.