Speak Marking Periods One and Two Quiz

by Taylor Thusing

  • Released February 12, 2019
  • Language Arts subject
  • 0 pages
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Grade Levels

Grade 9


Multiple Choice

  • What is the setting of the novel? a.) Chicago, Illinois, b.) Syracuse, New York c.) Bangor, Maine d.) Al Paso, Texas
  • Which is NOT a conflict Melinda goes through in this novel so far? a.) Man vs. Self b.) Man vs. Man c.) Man vs. Nature d.) Man vs. Society
  • Which of the following best describes Melinda’s family situation? a.) Melinda has a large family that does not speak a great deal because of its size. b.) Melinda has a small, tight-knit family. c.) Melinda has a large family that spends a great deal of time together. d.) Melinda has a small family that does not speak a great deal, and does not communicate well when it does.

Character Fill-in-the-Blank




Mr. Neck



  • I am a girl who desperately wants to be accepted.
  • I am a girl who has a sarcastic sense of humor to help deal with life’s difficulties.
  • I am a teacher who bullies my students.
  • I am a very intelligent teen who stands up for what I believe in.
  • I am an artistic teen who is afraid of clowns.

Short Essay - Answer these questions in 5 to 7 sentences.

  • What is the difference between a loner and an outcast? Which is Melinda? Explain.
  • Choose one of the characters from the novel. Explain why that character is either a round or a flat character.


A combination multiple choice and short answer quiz over marking periods one and two for Laruie Halse Anderson's Speak.