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Nabokov dismisses psychiatry and the theories of Sigmund Freud with disdain. Research Freud’s theory about memory and see if it is relevant to Nabokov’s memoir. Explain in what ways Freud’s work helps illuminate Nabokov’s.

Nabokov’s life changed drastically after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Research the Russian civilian experience during the downfall of the czar and the Russian Civil War that followed. Was the Nabokov family’s experience representative of other people in their class? If so, explain in what ways? If not, explain the differences.

Nabokov does not reveal much about his wife Véra Evseevna (Slonim) Nabokov in Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited. Research her life and then discuss the information about her your research uncovers which is not explicit in Nabokov’s work. In light of your study, characterize her influence on the life of the writer and/or his influence on her.

Research a writer Nabokov knew in Europe or the United States and the chosen writer’s work and life as it compares and/or contrasts with Nabokov’s.

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