Chapters 7–13 Summary

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Chapter 7

In 2015, after his analysis in Cleveland is completed, Emilio Sandoz returns to La Perla slum in Puerto Rico. Emilio invites George and Anne to join him in San Juan so that Anne can take over the clinic and George can contribute his engineering skills. The Edwardses agree and move to San Juan in 2016.

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Emilio, Anne, and George all settle into their various work. George volunteers to be a docent at the Arecibo Radio Telescope, where he meets Jimmy Quinn.

One night, Emilio asks Anne to come to the clinic. She finds him there, badly beaten, explaining that the injuries had resulted from a visit with his brother. While treating Emilio, Anne has feelings of attraction toward him.

After putting Emilio to bed in their spare room, Anne and George eat dinner together. The next morning, Anne contemplates her feelings for Emilio, deciding that he needs a son/mother relationship. Emilio wakes later and walks back to his own apartment.

Chapter 8

In May 2019, Jimmy Quinn’s proposal to Arecibo management is approved. Sofia Mendes agrees to the project but negotiates an arrangement that if she succeeds, the remaining debt to her broker will be paid; if she fails, she will not be paid, and her broker will be able to extend her contract.

Sofia grew up in Istanbul and, orphaned at age thirteen, turned to prostitution. At the age of fifteen, she was hired by Jean-Claude Jaubert. Jaubert explained that he found promising children and youth, allowing investors to finance their education and care in exchange for a percentage of their earnings for a contracted period of time. Sofia agreed but added a clause which would allow her to buy Jaubert out, if she was able, before the twenty years of the contract were complete.

After arriving at Arecibo, Sofia meets George and Jimmy. Jimmy is immediately infatuated with Sofia, but Sofia is focused on her work.

About a month later, George, Anne, and Sofia enjoy dinner together. Anne notices George’s attraction to Sofia.

Chapter 9

In Naples, John Candotti and Edward Behr wake in the morning and cannot find Emilio. They finally find him on the beach, tense and upset. Emilio is practicing using his hand braces to pick up stones and throw them into the water. Despite the fact that his hands are bruised and bleeding, Emilio continues the painful exercise for hours.

Unknown to the three men on the beach, Vincenzo Giuliani is in Naples as well, watching them from a balcony. He had written the note to Emilio, purposely leading Emilio to think that it was Voelker. Giuliani reveals his presence to the three men as they approach.

Giuliani and Emilio meet in Giuliani’s office. Giuliani reminds Emilio that, in the long history of the Jesuits, other men have had the same experiences as he has. He instructs Emilio to begin caring properly for his body and to stop taking responsibility “that lies elsewhere.”

Chapter 10

In August 2019, George and Anne invite Emilio, Jimmy, and Sofia for dinner. The day before the dinner, Jimmy explains to Sofia “the portion of his job involving the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” As he describes how he differentiates the various transmissions received, Sofia realizes that she “had begun to like him very much” but reminds herself that there is no place in her life for such attraction.

Jimmy finds an interesting signal but moves on from it to explain other aspects of his job.

At the Edwardses’ dinner, Emilio and Sofia meet for the first time since their analysis together in Cleveland. After Jimmy plays a love song on the piano, Emilio and Sofia sing together. Jimmy watches in envy and quickly excuses himself afterward. Anne follows Jimmy outside to comfort him.

Heartbroken, Jimmy can’t sleep, so he returns to the transmission log. Several hours later, he calls Anne in disbelief.

Chapter 11

Jimmy calls...

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