Southwestern Humor Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Short Story Criticism)

The Crockett Almanac: Containing Sprees and Scrapes in the West; Life and Manners in the Backwoods, and Exploits and Adventures on the Praries. 11 vols. 1842-53
Tall Tales of the Southwest: An Anthology of Southern and Southwestern Humor, 1830-1860 [edited by Franklin J. Meine] 1930
Humor of the Old Deep South [edited by Arthur Palmer Hudson] 1936
Native American Humor (1800-1900) [edited by Walter Blair] 1937

Joseph Glover Baldwin
The Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi (short stories and sketches) 1853

Joseph B. Cobb
Mississippi Scenes; or, Sketches of Southern and Western Life and Adventure, Humorous, Satirical and Descriptive, including The Legend of Black Creek (short stories and sketches) 1851

Davy Crockett
A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett [with Thomas Chilton] (memoir) 1834

Joseph M. Field
The Drama in Pokerville 1847

George Washington Harris
Sut Lovingood: Yarns Spun by a “Nat'ral Born Durn'd Fool,” Warped and Wove for Public Wear (short stories and sketches) 1867
The Lovingood Papers. 4 vols. (short stories and sketches) 1962-65

Johnson Jones Hooper
Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers; Together with “Taking the Census,” and Other Alabama Sketches (short stories...

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