The Southern Colonies

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How did people earn their livelihood in colonial North Carolina?

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The main way colonists in North Carolina made a living was through farming. There were large plantations growing the cash crops of tobacco, wheat, and corn. The crops were then either sold abroad for money or traded for other necessities. Although large plantations were common, there were also smaller farms, but these farms were more about growing the food they needed for survival or trading small amounts rather than bringing in money. The smaller farms also did not require the use of African slaves.

Along with farming, there were other trades that colonists could make a living from. Those who lived near the coast made a living from fishing, and others cut down pine trees for producing tar and turpentine. Those who lived in towns could make clothes and ropes or build wagons and barrels. In the colony, there were also government workers, as well as doctors and lawyers.

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