The Source of Self-Regard by Toni Morrison

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It is a bit difficult to write a summary of Toni Morrison’s The Source of Self-Regard because it is a varied collection of works, spanning decades in the author’s life.

In spite of this, the essays, meditations, and speeches gathered in this single volume do seem somehow to be focused pretty cohesively on topics that are directly affecting humans now on a national—and, indeed, global—basis. This doesn’t mean that the subject matter is the same across the works, but rather that they take a multi-pronged approach to the geo-political situations we currently face: imperialism, racism, and nascent fascism, for examples, as well as suggestions of a way forward.

It seems appropriate then, that the works are not arranged chronologically; this decision emphasizes that Morrison’s work speaks to a contemporary reader, no matter when she sat down to complete it. Rather, the book is divided along lines of theme: globalization that has...

(The entire section is 313 words.)