The Sound and the Fury Additional Characters

William Faulkner


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The novel's oldest character is Damuddy, the mother of Caroline Compson and grandmother of Benjy, Caddy, Quentin, and Jason. Although she...

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Benjamin Compson

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Benjy is the youngest of the Compson brothers. He had orignally been named after his uncle Maury, but when the Compsons discover that he is...

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Caddy Compson

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Caddy is the central character of the novel, even though none of the narration is seen through her eyes. In each of the three sections that...

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Jason Compson IV

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The middle son of the Compson family. After his brother Quentin's suicide and the death of his father, Jason is the head of the family....

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Quentin Compson

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The eldest son of the Compsons. Quentin's monologue, the second section of the book, takes place on June 2,1910, while he is a student at...

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Dilsey Gibson

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The Compson housekeeper, who is seen to be the most positive character in the novel. Dilsey is the person who nurtures the Compson children,...

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Other Characters

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Dalton Ames
One of Caddy's lovers who may have made her pregnant. In his monologue, Caddy's brother Quentin remembers his failed...

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