The Sound and the Fury Part 4 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Part 4 Summary and Analysis

Dilsey: April 8, 1928
New Characters:

Old Man: a member of the troop of travelling entertainers. When Jason presses him for information about the location of Miss Quentin, the man goes after Jason with an axe

Troop Manager: helps rescue Jason, then assures him that the couple he seeks is not around
The Sheriff of Jefferson: the law enforcement officer to whom Jason complains after Miss Quentin has taken money from his room and run away. He declines to pursue Miss Quentin

This part of the novel is not narrated from the perspective of any character, but it centers largely around Dilsey. It takes place on Easter Sunday. Luster, to whom Dilsey gave a quarter so he...

(The entire section is 2001 words.)