The Sound and the Fury Part 2 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Part 2 Summary and Analysis

Quentin: June 2, 1910
New Characters:

Dalton Ames: the seducer of Caddy, with whom Quentin either remembers or imagines having had an encounter

Anse: the law enforcement officer who arrests Quentin

Gerald Bland: a young man from Kentucky who reminds Quentin of Dalton Ames. Quentin picks a fight with Gerald Bland and loses badly

Mrs Bland: the mother of Gerald Bland, who boasts about her son’s sexual conquests

Three Boys: youngsters Quentin encounters as they gaze at an enormous trout and daydream about the prize they could win by catching it

Deacon: an elderly Negro man who hangs around campus and reminds Quentin of Roskus. Quentin entrusts Deacon with...

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