Sorry, Wrong Number

by Lucille Fletcher

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What are your thoughts on the drama "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Lucille Fletcher?

Expert Answers

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This drama is an example of film noir with dark settings, shot in real time and several flashback.  The main character is a wealthy, yet bedridden woman whose only source of contact is her telephone.  Because of some type of crossed wires, she begins to overhear a murder plot.  The element of suspense carries the reader/viewer along as she suddenly realizes that one of the murderers is her husband, and she is his target!  Her attempts to contact the police prove futile, as she is dismissed as a crazy old lady. 

Even though the ending is not shown, the audience assumes that the woman is murdered.  The audience feels her helplessness, fear and vulnerability as she is doomed to listen to her own murder with no help at all.

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