Sorrow-Acre Topics for Further Study
by Isak Dinesen

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

What is the significance of the sickle engraved on the stone marker at the end of "Sorrow-Acre'' ? Does the sickle have a symbolic function?

Evaluate the arguments Adam's uncle gives in favor of making the widow Piil finish the entire field. Are they persuasive? Would your opinion be different if she had lived?

Adam decides not to go to America. How would the reader's impression of the uncle be affected if Adam had made good on his threat and left?

The reader learns that Sophie-Magdalena is unhappy, then she disappears from the story. Why? Is her story complete?

What is the purpose of the many allusions to the Bible in ''Sorrow-Acre'' ?

How does the material Dinesen added to the uncle's speech change your understanding of the story? (See the essay by David Kippen.)