Sonia Sanchez Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Sonia Sanchez’s literary reputation rests primarily on her poetry. She has published more than ten volumes of poetry, beginning with Homecoming in 1969; had her poems included in numerous anthologies; and edited several poetry anthologies. She sees her plays as an extension of her poetic art, saying that their longer form gives her more room to express her ideas. She has written short stories, children’s books, essays, literary criticism, and social commentary. She has an impressive record as a university teacher and political activist and has been a driving force behind the movement to include writings by African American authors in the college curriculum. She frequently gives public readings, performances that are noted for their dramatic power and include music, drum beats, and chanting. Some of her best-known works were inspired by the Black Arts movement of the 1960’s, and her later writings have continued to focus on African American themes.