Songs of Innocence and of Experience Principal Works - Essay

William Blake

Principal Works

(Poetry Criticism)

Poetical Sketches (poetry and drama) 1783

The Book of Thel 1789

Songs of Innocence 1789

Tiriel 1789?

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (poetry, prose, and proverbs) 1790-1793?

The French Revolution 1790

America: A Prophecy 1793

Visions of the Daughters of Albion: The Eye Sees More Than the Heart Knows 1793

The Book of Urizen 1794

Europe: A Prophecy 1794

Songs of Innocence and of Experience: Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul 1794

The Book of Ahania 1795

The Book of Los 1795

The Song of Los 1795

The Four Zoas: The Torments of Love & Jealousy in the Death and Judgement of Albion the Ancient Man 1796-1807?

Milton 1804-08?

Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion 1804-20?

The Pickering Manuscript (poetry and proverbs) 1807?

The Poetical Works of William Blake, Lyrical and Miscellaneous (poetry and drama) 1874

The Works of William Blake, Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical. 3 vols. (poetry and prose) 1893

The Complete Writings of William Blake (poetry, prose, drama, marginalia, and letters) 1957

The Poetry and Prose of William Blake (poetry, prose, drama, marginalia, and letters) 1965

The Poems of William Blake 1971

William Blake's Writings 1978

Blake's Poetry and Designs 1979

An Island in the Moon (satire) 1784

All Religions Are One (essay) 1788?

There Is No Natural Religion (essay) 1788?

The Note-Book of William Blake The Rossetti Manuscript (notebook) 1935

The Letters of William Blake (letters) 1968