Song of Songs Principal English Translations - Essay

Principal English Translations

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Solomons Song of Songs, in English Metre: With Annotations and References to Other Scriptures, for the Easier Understanding of It (translated by Henry Ainsworth) 1639 A Brief Exposition of the Whole Book of Canticles; or, Song of Solomon (translated by John Cotton) 1648

Song of Songs: or, Sacred Idyls. Translated from the Original Hebrew with Notes Critical and Explanatory (translated by John Mason Good) 1803

The Song of Songs, Translated From the Original Hebrew with a Commentary, Historical and Critical (translated by Christian David Ginsburg) 1857

The Song of Songs Unveiled: A New Translation and Exposition (translated by Benjamin Weiss) 1859

Solomon's Song: Translated and Explained (translated by Leonard Withington) 1861

The Book of Canticles: A New Rhythmical Translation with Restoration of the Hebrew Text (translated by Paul Haupt) 1902

The Song of Songs, Being a Collection of Love Lyrics of Ancient Palestine: A New Translation Based on a Revised Text, Together with the Origin, Growth, and Interpretation of the Songs (translated by Morris Jastrow, Jr.) 1921

The Song of Songs, Translated and Interpreted as a Dramatic Poem (translated by Leroy Waterman) 1948

The Song of Songs: A Study, Modern Translation, and Commentary (translated by Robert Gordis) 1954; revised 1974

The Song of Songs, Translated from the Original Hebrew with an Introduction and Explanations (translated by Hugh J. Schonfield) 1959

The Song of Songs (translated by Robert Graves) 1973

Song of Songs: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (translated by Marvin H. Pope) 1977

The Song of Songs and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs (translated by Michael V. Fox) 1985

The Song of Fourteen Songs (translated by Michael D. Goulder) 1986

The Voice of My Beloved (translated by E. Ann Matter) 1990