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Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Corinthians’ mother approve of the title “amanuensis”?

2. What is the actual work Corinthians does?

3. What work had Corinthians done up until this point?

4. Why don’t the men of the community want to marry Corinthians?

5. What college did Corinthians attend? What colleges would the men have preferred?

6. According to the narrator what did a “four-year dose of liberal education” do to Corinthians?

7. What kind of shoes did Corinthians wear to and from work?

8. How does Henry Porter introduce himself to Corinthians?

9. What covers Henry Porter’s walls? What do the dates signify?

10. What kind of imitation does Pilate do to get Milkman and Guitar released from jail?

1. Corinthians’ mother approves of the word “amanuensis” because “it was straight out of the 19th century” and “the rickety Latin word” makes Corinthians’ work seem important.

2. Corinthians’ actual work is as a maid.

3. Up until this point, Corinthians had made red velvet roses.

4. The men of the town didn’t want to marry Corinthians because she “lacked drive.” They believe women like her are too “accustomed to middle-class life” and that they have “no ambition, no hunger, no hustle in them.”

5. Corinthians attended Bryn Mawr. The men would have preferred that she attend black colleges such as Fisk, Howard, Talledega, and Tougaloo.

6. A “four-year dose of liberal education” guaranteed that Corinthians “had no real skill’s” and that she was “unfit for 80% of the useful work of the world.”

7. Corinthians wore high-heeled shoes to and from work.

8. Henry Porter introduces himself to Corinthians by giving her a greeting card with a poem in it.

9. Henry Porter has calendars covering his walls. The dates signify the days when the Seven Days are to commit retaliatory murders.

10. Pilate does an “Aunt Jemima” imitation to get Milkman and Guitar out of jail.