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Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Macon tell Milkman that freedom is?

2. Why doesn’t Macon know that Pilate has a green sack hanging from her ceiling?

3. Where do Pilate and Macon go after their father is killed?

4. Who buries Macon’s father, and where?

5. Why did the “slavemaster’s” house where Circe hid the children repulse Pilate and Macon?

6. What two possessions did Pilate have that belonged to her mother? What possession of her father’s did she have?

7. What happened to Pilate’s ear after she put on her earring? What did Circe do to help her?

8. Where were Macon and Pilate originally headed once they left Circe’s house? Why?

9. What happened to Pilate and Macon on the third day after they left Circe’s house?

10. What remained in the cave and what was gone when Macon returned to it after his rift with Pilate?

1. Macon tells Milkman that “money is freedom.”

2. Macon doesn’t know Pilate has a green sack hanging from her ceiling because Macon has never been in his sister’s house.

3. After their father’s death, Macon and Pilate are hidden by the midwife Circe at the house where she is employed. When they leave there, they live out in nature and then in a cave.

4. Macon buried his father near a stream where he and Macon Dead I used to fish together.

5. The “slavemaster’s” house repulsed Macon and Pilate because they couldn’t stand the stillness; they were bored cooped up in a room and shut off from nature and the sky. They couldn’t eat the “soft bland food” that white people ate.

6. Pilate had her mother’s brass snuffbox and sunbonnet, and the brown scrap of paper that her father had written her birth name on.

7. Pilate’s ear became infected, and Circe put cobwebs on it to heal it.

8. Once they left Circe’s house, Macon and Pilate were headed to Virginia because Macon believed they had family there.

9. On the third day after they left Circe’s house, Macon and Pilate awakened to find the ghost of their father sitting near them.

10. When Macon returned to the cave after his rift with Pilate, the dead man was still in the cave, but the tarpaulin and the gold were gone.