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Chapter 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Do Guitar and Milkman get along better or worse after their quarrel about Honoré versus Alabama? Why?

2. Why does Guitar say Southerners can relate to Jesus?

3. Why does Guitar tell Milkman that a “Negro” can’t be an egg?

4. How often does Hagar attempt to kill Milkman?

5. Where does Milkman follow Ruth to?

6. What words does Ruth use to describe her father’s moral character?

7. Who aided Ruth in saving Milkman when Macon tried to abort him?

8. When was the last time Ruth and Macon had physical relations before they conceived Milkman? How many years elapsed between then and when Milkman was conceived?

9. What did Pilate give Ruth to entice Macon into sleeping with her?

10. What piece of fruit does Pilate offer Ruth both times that she visits? Why can’t Ruth eat it?

1. Guitar and Milkman get along better after their quarrel because of its cleansing effect on their relationship: “They were easy with each other now that they didn’t have to pretend.”

2. Guitar says Southerners can relate to Jesus because they can relate to his being “strung up on a tree.”

3. Guitar says a “Negro” can’t be an egg because his genes won’t allow it: “Nature says no.”

4. Hagar attempts to kill Milkman at least once every month.

5. Milkman follows Ruth to the Fairfield Cemetery where her father is buried.

6. Ruth describes her father’s moral character by saying he “was not a good man,” and that he was “arrogant,” “foolish,” and “destructive.”

7. Pilate aided Ruth in the preservation of Milkman’s life.

8. The last time Ruth and Macon had physical relations was before Dr. Foster died. Therefore, they didn’t have relations for ten years.

9. Pilate gives Ruth “some greenish-gray grassy-looking stuff” that has to be mixed with rain water, and then put in Macon’s food in order to entice Macon to sleep with her.

10. Pilate offers Ruth a peach both times she visits, but Ruth can’t eat peaches because the fuzz tickles her nose.