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Chapter 13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What metaphor does Guitar use to symbolize what love should be like?

2. Pilate and Reba are credited with being able to “make up (their lives)” each because they have a quality Hagar lacks. What are those qualities?

3. What happens now when Reba tries to win things?

4. What facial descriptions are used to describe Pilate and Reba’s anxiety over Hagar’s condition?

5. What does Reba pawn in order to get Hagar the necessary money for her shopping trip? How much money does Hagar take with her to shop?

6. Why does Marcelline of Lilly’s Beauty Parlor agree to take Hagar as a customer in spite of the late hour?

7. What happens to Hagar’s shopping bags on the way home?

8. What happens after Hagar dresses up and presents herself to Pilate and Reba and sees herself in their eyes?

9. Who pays for Hagar’s funeral and why? What lone member of the Macon Dead family attends?

10. What three words does Pilate repeat to refer to Hagar at the funeral mass?

1. Guitar uses the metaphor “the way the clouds love a mountain” to explain to Hagar how love should be.

2. Pilate is “strong enough” and Reba is “simple enough,” Hagar is neither.

3. When Reba tries to win things, for the first time in her life, she is unable to.

4. Pilate’s lips are described as “still.” Reba’s eyes are described as “full of panic” to exhibit their anxiety over Hagar’s condition.

5. Reba pawns her diamond ring to get Hagar money to shop. Hagar goes shopping with $200.75.

6. Marcelline agrees to take Hagar as a customer at the Beauty Parlor because she is afraid Hagar or Pilate might be dangerous.

7. Hagar’s shopping bags split because it is raining.

8. After Hagar realizes how she must appear, she cries for hours and then develops a fever.

9. Macon Dead pays for Hagar’s funeral at the insistence of his wife, Ruth. Ruth is the only member of the Macon Dead family to attend the funeral.

10. Pilate calls Hagar “my baby girl” at the funeral mass.