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Chapter 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Milkman tell Guitar he intends to go to Danville on his own?

2. What does Guitar answer when Milkman tells him “Everybody wants something from me...”?

3. What does Guitar tell Milkman about his father?

4. What does Guitar see in the eyes of his mother after the “white man” gives her $40?

5. When Guitar says “just recently one of us was put out on the street,” who is he referring to? Who is the “us” in the phrase? Who is responsible?

6. What are some of the things that indicate Milkman is wealthy when he goes to Danville?

7. When Milkman meets Reverend Cooper, why does the Reverend become extremely friendly and solicitous with Milkman?

8. What does Reverend Cooper offer Milkman to drink? What is it stored in?

9. Who made Pilate’s earring for her?

10. How do the men of Danville describe Milkman’s father as a youth?

1.Milkman tells Guitar he needs to go to Danville by himself because he wants to be independent and that it would look “suspicious” if two men were “roaming around the woods” looking for gold.

2. Guitar tells Milkman “They want your life, man.”

3. Guitar thinks Milkman’s father is “a very strange Negro” who “behaves like…and thinks like a white man.”

4. “A willingness to love” was shining in the eyes of Guitar’s mother when she took the $40 from the “white man.”

5. When Guitar talks “about one of us being put out in the streets” he’s referring to Henry Porter. The “us” refers to the Seven Days Society. Milkman is indirectly responsible for Henry’s eviction because he told his father about Henry’s relationship with Corinthians.

6. When Milkman goes to Danville, he has two bottles of Cutty Sark in his suitcase, and he is dressed in a three-piece beige suit, expensive shoes, and a gold watch.

7. Reverend Cooper becomes extremely friendly with Milkman because after Milkman tells the Reverend his name, the Reverend realizes that “I know your people!”

8. Reverend Cooper offers Milkman pure rye whiskey stored in a large mayonnaise jar.

9. Reverend Cooper’s father, a blacksmith, made Pilate’s earring for her.

10. Milkman’s father is described by the men of Danville as being as “strong as an ox.” He “could ride bareback and barefoot.” He “outran, outplowed, outshot, outpicked and outrode” everybody.