Song of Solomon Chapter 9 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 9 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Michael-Mary Graham: the hack-poetess who hires Corinthians to work as a maid in her house

Mr. Solomon: the name Pilate gives to her imaginary husband, whose bones, she tells the police, are in the green sack that Milkman and Guitar steal from her house

Nero: member of the Seven Days that Milkman sees in Porter’s Oldsmobile

At the age of 42, Corinthians gets her first job outside the house, as a maid to an affected, hack-poetess. In spite of Corinthians refined upper middle-class upbringing and her college education, she had led a dead-end life with no prospects for marrying. Refusing to be resigned to a home-life of making artificial roses,...

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