Song of Solomon Chapter 13 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 13 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lilly: the owner of Lilly’s Beauty Parlor

Marcelline: an employee of Lilly’s Beauty Parlor

Chapter 13 is a flashback to Michigan, and opens with Guitar finding Hagar after she’s made her final attempt on Milkman’s life. Guitar lectures Hagar on love, telling her “you can’t own a human being,” and a person “can’t value you more than you value yourself.” Hagar’s love is described as a “stingy little love that ate everything in sight.” He blames Pilate and Reba for spoiling her and not giving her the necessary tools to cope in the world outside the home.

Hagar is no longer a functioning human being, and lies comatose in her...

(The entire section is 935 words.)