Son of the Revolution

by Liang Heng, Judith Shapiro

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What is Liang Heng's family background?

Expert Answers

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One of the most important parts of his background was the label his mother received as "anti-party rightist" as it completely changed the outlook for Liang Heng himself because the label also followed him.  This led to his father deciding to divorce her and the children agreeing.  It had less to do with their actual feelings for her and more to do with trying to get the problem of that label away from their family and to improve their prospects in doing so.

Of course this didn't solve the problem and the family was still broken up and sent to various places in order to facilitate their re-education and help to make sure they didn't follow in their mother's footsteps.  Because of this, the idea of his family background grows somewhat complicated though again, it can basically all be traced back (in terms of the story) to the label his mother received.

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