John Irving’s sweeping novel A Son of the Circus tells many stories. The central character, around whom the colorful cast is centered, is a doctor researching achrondroplasia in dwarves and moonlighting as a screenwriter of action films in India. A “little, potbellied man,” Dr. Daruwalla sees his major concern as a lack of “belonging.” Born in India and practicing medicine in Toronto, he feels neither Indian nor Canadian. He describes himself as “merely a guest of honor” in whatever country he lives.

As the novel opens, Daruwalla is in Bombay where, in the process of doing his research, he visits the circus and has a traumatic encounter with the wife of one of his dwarf subjects. He then reunites with the film star who plays the “James Bond”-like character in his screenplays.

What follows is six hundred pages of intrigue, high comedy, sexual encounters, mistaken identity, serial murder, and soul searching.

Within the subplots, Irving presents Vinod, a dwarf (reminiscent of The Hotel New Hampshire) with a limo/taxi service; John, the handsome Indian actor who plays the “Bond” character, Inspector Dahr; John’s identical twin brother, Martin, who is studying to be a priest; Nancy, an American hippie who is married to an Indian detective; and Rahul, whose sex change affects them all eventually.

Most of the action takes place in Bombay, and Irving’s eye for detail and sense of...

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