With the outbreak of war between the Union and the Confederacy in 1861, the Union army recruited soldiers throughout most of America,...

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Literary Qualities

"This is partly a work of fiction. Charley Goddard really existed," Paulsen says at the end. What Paulsen does is build a work of fiction out...

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Social Sensitivity

The social problems caused by post-traumatic stress disorder have been well publicized in America since the end of the Vietnam War. Acts of...

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Topics for Discussion

1. Charley is terrified by his first experience of combat. Why does he go back out onto the same meadow to face the same enemy when he is...

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. Who were the First Minnesota Volunteers? Write a history of their service during the Civil War.

2. What was the First Battle...

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Related Titles / Adaptations

Paulsen says that he wanted to write a biography of Sally Hemings, a slave who may have been Thomas Jefferson's mistress. He could not find...

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For Further Reference

Review of Soldier's Heart. Booklist (January 1,1999): 782.

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