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Soldier of the Mist by Gene Wolfe is a novel about Latro, a mercenary who receives a head injury from a battle. He was injured while fighting the Greek Confederacy and his fellow compatriots left him behind. Latro loses his memory because of the injury and, therefore, has no clue about his identity. He has both retrograde and anterograde amnesia, and the latter means that he has to wake up every morning and recall what has happened the day before. Latro uses a written journal, which he reads every morning so that he can be aware of the daily happenings.

In compensation for his unfortunate condition, Latro can see supernatural beings. He can talk to demons and gods. These supernatural beings help Latro in times of need. As the story progresses, the author reveals that Latro is being used by the gods. The book focuses on Latro’s journey to recovery. He travels through Hellenes under the guidance of the Shining God who helps him to make new allies and friends. The reader gets to know of the different gods thought to inhabit the world in 479 B.C.

Wolfe gives an outsider’s perspective of the Greek Confederacy. He also helps the reader to imagine struggles and fights between gods and human beings in this period.


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