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Many books have been written for children of all ages on the subject of sex education, but [Facts about Sex: A Basic Guide] is the first one for adolescents that faces the fact squarely that most of them get their sex information and misinformation through conversations with their peers. But many of them don't get their facts straight and have consequent feelings of guilt and uncertainty. Dr. Gordon … believes that it is important for young people to know and understand sex and the language associated with it, including the so-called dirty words. His book is brief, to the point, has listed and explained the vulgar or taboo terms either in the text or in footnotes. He hopes that parents will accept his book and be willing to talk with their young people about it. If not, he suggests that they leave the book where they can find it, when and if they are interested, and can have opportunities to read it in private…. The book does well what it sets out to do—to deal with the physical processes and realities of sex and sex relations. The moral and ethical aspects of sex are obtainable from other books or sources.

A review of "Facts about Sex: A Basic Guide," in Science Books (copyright © 1970 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science), Vol. 6, No. 2, September, 1970, p. 156.

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