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[In You Would if You Loved Me] Gordon has assembled dozens of [seduction lines] in a clever, yet serious attempt to "wise up the naive and vulnerable" teenage girl and help her recognize some of the verbal advances that may lead to physical sex. The lines (many with appropriate replies) have been collected by Gordon over the past 10 years and are grouped roughly into categories (lines to cry by, inside lines, lines to make you drowsy, etc.) that parody the emotion or situation the line reflects. Although the author occasionally breaks the continuity by intruding with advice, he speaks frankly to teens with appealing informality. Despite the fact that some teenage boys may use this as a treasury of new hustle material, girls will find Gordon's approach eye-opening, and the glib and humorously phrased repartees he offers a real help in coping with awkward, high-pressure situations.

Sally C. Estes and Stephanie Zvirin, in their review of "You Would If You Loved Me," in Booklist (reprinted by permission of the American Library Association: copyright © 1978 by the American Library Association), Vol. 75, No. 26, November, 1978, p. 537.

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